Revolving Revolvers LIMITED EDTION Fine Art Print

Revolving Revolvers LIMITED EDTION Fine Art Print

This is a fine art print of an orginal drawing by Lindsay Barker. 


The original drawing is charcoal and graphite pencil on paper. 


This is a very limited edition print of this piece. There will only be 10 made. Each print will be 19''x24'' and will have a 1 inch white border (21''x26''). Each print will also have hand drawn embellishments made to the print along with a signature and number. When you recieve your print please be careful with touching, even though the print will be sprayed with a fixative, the embellishments will be charcoal and pencil. 


There is also a timelapse video to this drawing and you can view that here. 


If you have any questions about this piece or want to inquire about framing, or having it framed prior to your pick up please email me at 


Use code "LOCALSONLY" at checkout to make pickup arrangements and skip shipping costs. 


PRINTED TO ORDER - Please allow some time for printing. Processing time is dependent on the number of prints I have in the works. Prints are printed once a week in bulk (could take up to 2 weeks).

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