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This is the first abstract piece that I have done in a while, so I felt the need to explain my thought process and the meaning behind this work.

I kind of had this “vision” I guess you can call it, after Perry (pastor at Brookwood) started a new message series on “Experiencing the Presence of God”. (I will link the podcasts just in case someone would like to give it a listen). He asked us questions like “Do you hear God speak?” and “Do you experience His presence?” That got me thinking about the many ways that I do. One way that I experience that just about daily is when I walk my dogs at night.  The nights have been so clear lately and we’ve been able to see all the stars and the detail in the moon. – To some people this would make them feel small, but to me it makes me feel comforted and close to Him.-

So with the drawing, I included the stars and the moon along with the trees that I see around our home.  I wanted to make this feel like you’re “in the woods” because of how I, plus many others feel like they experience God’s presence in nature

I know a lot of people saw this progress shot on my facebook…

With the finished drawing, I was a little nervous after everyone had commented on how they liked this piece that they might not like it after I finished the “vision” – adding the circles. BUT….here’s the meaning of the circles…

Psalm 135:9 

You have enclosed me behind and before, And laid your hand upon me 

I also had a couple of songs that I listened to that influenced this piece.

I hope this explains a little bit of how I thought about this piece.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask them! You can purchase prints of this piece here!

Thanks for reading!

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