Hakuna Matata Collection

On September 21st, 2018, Lucas and I released our first ever collaboration. Lucas handpicked every color that he used and with a little help we made some beautiful textured watercolor pieces.


We decided that this collection was going to be named “Hakuna Matata” - obviously we all know where this comes from ... But there are many reasons we have chosen this name. Lucas’ favorite movie right now is the Lion King & every single time he hears “Hakuna Matata” his face just lights up, he loves it! And since this is partly his collection I thought it was perfect. 


Pretty much everyone knows what Hakuna Matata means... “no worries” - its truest meaning is “ no trouble”... I will take both of those translations. 


100% profit of every piece of art is being donated to Set Free Alliance ... every penny donated goes to feeding children that have been rescued from slavery in India - we want to make a difference! — So there’s that reason for the name of the collection, wouldn’t be great if the children had “no worries” or trouble?! Help us make that difference. 


We still have several original pieces available for purchase! 

**EDIT** - Donations from the Hakuna Matata Collection are now being directed to the Child Freedom Coalition. The reason for this change is because Set Free Alliance has partnered with Water of Life, because of this partnership 100% of the donation would NOT go to feeding the rescued children of India.  This collection was made for the sole purpose of the donation being 100% directly going to feeding these children. From this day forward all proceeds from this collection will be donated to Child Freedom Coalition (4/24/2019). Thanks! 

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