The Process:

My drawing and painting processes are a little different from one another, make sure when you are contacting me about commission work that you let me know what medium you are inquiring about, painting or drawing. 

For drawings, I normally draw from photo reference, so either you would email me a photo or you would give me a subject you would like drawn and then I would get back in touch with you with 4-5 images that would make great drawings. In turn, you would then decide which image would be the best for you. We would then discuss any changes that would need to be made, normally with my drawings I don't steer too far from the original image. Once I receive your approval the drawing begins, I usually allow for 6-8 weeks to complete a piece. I use charcoal and graphite pencils on heavy quality smooth bristol paper (the paper is thick). Once I start on your piece we can not make changes to the work. My drawing commissions start at 11"x14'' (see standard pricing list) 

For paintings, my work is more abstract. It would be helpful if you could provide me with a detailed view of what you are imagining, words or songs that you feel inspire this piece, what this work could mean for you. It would also be helpful if you could reference previous works of mine to guide me in a certain direction. I paint with acrylic paints on canvas and varnish with matte or gloss. I typically allow 4-6 weeks to complete a commissioned painting. (see standard pricing list). 

Standard Pricing: 

There is a 25% non-refundable deposit due at the time you place your order to claim your reservation (this deposit is in addition to the standard prices below). The remaining balance plus shipping will be due once your drawing/painting is complete. 

*Payment plans are available. 

*These prices are a base price


11x14" - $350

16x20" - $600

18x24" - $900

20x30" - $1250

22x32" - $1500

12"x12" - $300

12"x24" - $500

24"x24" - $1200

24"x36" - $1800

30"x40" - $2500

30"x42" - $2200

36"x36" - $2700

30"x48" - $3000

40"x40" - $3300

36"x48" - $3800

42"x42" - $3600

48"x48" - $4800


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Please indicate any details or notes about your commission. Painting or drawing? What is your inspiration? What color palette do you see for your painting? Do you have a photo reference picked out for your drawing? 

All artwork is the sole property of Lindsay Barker and is held under copyright (even after purchase - more info here). The images, artwork, and contents of this website may not be copied, collected, or used for personal or professional gain without the written permission from Lindsay Barker. All images of artwork, sold or otherwise, are retained by Lindsay Barker.


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